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Our network provides suitable solutions for all financial issues – always committed to our clients. We enable people and companies to make better decisions.

Understanding Germany

Get The Knowledge You Need

It can be overwhelming to experience the complexity of the German systems, rules and regulations at first! Let us help you here: Your payslip, the social security system, the options in health insurance etc. We want you to be ready to take informed decisions. Let's develop a close and long lasting partnership so that we can address whatever challenges you face in Germany.

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Financial Planning for Your Fresh Start

Achieving Financial Goals

Plan wisely for a secure future! We'll assist you in getting a holistic overview of your current financial situation, followed by identifying the areas to be optimised. Step by step you will turn your dreams into reality.

Understanding Insurance

Your Protection in Germany

Safety first! We'll explain the essential insurances in Germany, like health and liability insurance. Find out which policies are relevant to you and how to ensure optimal protection. Your peace of mind is our top priority. And in case of any damage? Reach out to us and we are here to help!

Pension Planning

Keeping Your Financial Security in Focus

Think long-term! Your plans will be our mission. Let's find balanced solutions that give you options when plans change. And ensure that your German pension funds will not be lost. Understand the various options and find the right strategy for you - ensuring a worry-free retirement!

Investment Opportunities

Achieving Financial Goals

Think growth! Finding the right pace, risk level and upside potential is complex. We can help you here - with the expertise from one of the big asset managers in Germany. And rest assured: Your MLP consultant will be there for you - if markets are going up and down. We won't leave you alone!

Buying Property

More Than Just Loans

With thousands of international clients MLP has a great track record when it comes to arranging loans and finding competitive rates for even the most difficult cases. Benefit from our partnership with selected property providers. Get access to promising properties for you - from new builds, existing and concept properties.

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